0031 – Of Champions

18 Sep

0031 - Of Champions


0030 – Resume Writing Tips

1 Aug


But it doesn’t hurt to make your resume smell like bacon by soaking it in bacon grease.  Everyone loves bacon.



0029 – System Update

30 Jun



He’s actually used the same presentation for the last 5 updates, no one noticed.

0028 – The Interview

1 Jun


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0027 – Valentine’s Day 2014

14 Feb


0026 – Math!

20 Jan



0025 – Clear away the tumbleweeds!

18 Aug


We’re back, baby! The entire crew got together to help with the reboot of the comic, even the plate of bacon stopped by!  Leave a comment with what you think of the new look!

0024 – Required Reading

2 Jun


I’m finally on vacation so I’ll have time to make new comics, please don’t mind the tumbleweeds!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled comic…

20 May

I made a card game!  It’s still in the early stages, but you can get more details and the files needed to play at www.notoften.com/overnight .  It’s a card game about sleeping for 3-6 people where you can have a dream about building a go kart with monkeys in a special effects warehouse.  Try it out and let me know what you think!


Hopefully, the comic from two weeks ago will be finished and posted this Thursday.  Sorry it took so long, but this project has been consuming most of my free time.

0023 – Pants on fire

6 May


New schedule: one panel on Mondays, three panel on Thursdays, funny comics will continue to be on a bimonthly basis.