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Looking for playtesters!

What is: Overnight is a 30 minute lightweight and humorous deck-building/set collecting game for 3-6 people

Prep: Try to find a total of at least 3 people up to 5. I think the game can accommodate 6, but there might not be enough of the right cards for everyone, plus, you’ll have to wait for 5 other people before it’s your turn again and that can feel tedious. I also find that this game doesn’t have balanced gameplay if there are only two players. For printing, you should print out all cards and separate out the cards labeled “EVENT” (in the finished version of this game, they will have a different back). You will also need a number of point tokens to keep track of score. Currently I have the recommendation at 30, but keep a large number around and play for a half hour or so, then let me know what all the scores were when you provide feedback.

Notes: I’ve put a lot of thought into how to make the game dynamic but stay light so you’re not taking 5 minutes to decide what to do. It should be fun, turns should go quick, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the Completed Dreams out loud when you score points. I haven’t playtested enough, so the card ratios may not be balanced. Let me know if you encounter one card too frequently or need a specific card and aren’t seeing it often enough.

Also, if you have questions, feel free to email me at notoftendotcom (at) gmail 

Or, you can just email with comments and, most importantly, what the scores were after a half hour (minus rule explanations).

This game is being released under the creative commons attribution, non-commercial, share alike license.  That means you can print it, share it, remix it, but don’t sell it, and make sure you let people know I made it and you must release your version under the same license.